About Us

Relentless Health is dedicated to improving the health and fitness of our first responder heroes, while also helping anyone who is regularly exposed to toxins. Our name captures our vision and reflects the ethos of the first responders we support.

non invasive biometrics, Health Data Platform


A world where better data empowers everyone to understand their health risks


The relentless pursuit of better health and fitness outcomes for first responders

Who we are

Our world-class team is at the forefront of healthcare technology and innovation. We are dedicated to making a tangible difference to people's lives and propelling our vision into a transformative reality.

Supporting first responder organizations

First responders face unique health challenges due to the rigors of their profession. Relentless Health is on a mission to improve health and fitness outcomes for our first responder heroes. We feel it’s important to back up our words with actions. So, we have made a formal pledge:
A proportion of every sale made by Relentless Health will be donated to organizations that help first responders or that directly address the health risks they face
After paying for your test, you will be shown a list of organizations to choose to receive the donation