Diagnose Early to partner with PFFASC on PFAS testing

Menlo Park, CA, July 8th 2024. Today, Diagnose Early announced a key partnership with the Professional Firefighters Association of South Carolina (PFFASC). Diagnose Early has worked closely with the PFFASC to understand the biggest health concerns facing firefighters today. As a result, Diagnose Early has developed a test that utilizes at-home finger-prick sample collection for PFAS. 

“Working with firefighters is a humbling and educational experience,” says Richard Kho, CEO of Diagnose Early. “They are definitely a breed apart and deserve to get access to the best in healthcare and testing technology. Through our work with the PFFASC, we have come to understand the huge demand for PFAS testing throughout the first responder community. Our R&D team has worked tirelessly to create a PFAS test that will meet the needs of firefighters.”

Roger Odachowski, President of the PFFASC. said “PFAS is one of the biggest concerns in the firefighter community. My Brothers and Sisters are being exposed to PFAS on a daily basis. It is proven to be in our safety turnout gear, materials involved in fires, and in products used for fire fighting. Firefighters are becoming aware this is a major cause of our increased rates of cancers. Being able to understand what PFAS is in our bodies will help as we fight this huge health issue.”

The agreement with the PFFASC makes Diagnose Early the preferred partner for PFAS testing services. In exchange, Diagnose Early will donate a portion of sales revenue to the Brotherhood of Firefighters Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting firefighters and their families in South Carolina.

Notes to editors

Diagnose Early is a startup with labs in Reno, NV and Menlo Park, CA. We are focused on improving health outcomes for first responders.

The Diagnose Early PFAS test is undergoing CLIA certification. This will ensure the accuracy, quality, and reliability of the laboratory process.

PFFASC is the South Carolina union for professional firefighters. It fights for better conditions and improved health outcomes for all SC firefighters.